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Thanks to all who correctly identified the verse. This is cited, curiously, in a Dharmanibandha text, Devanabhaṭṭa's Smṛticandrikā (Mysore edition, Saṃskārakāṇḍa, p. 27) in support of the importance of local norms and customs with respect to dharma.


On Feb 3, 2013, at 6:39 PM, Howard Resnick wrote:

> This verse, in both its close variants, is a remarkably strong endorsement of local adaptation, a Sanskrit  "when in Rome…"   I would be grateful for any information on the context of this statement, i.e. what if anything is at stake. Also, do we find similar claims elsewhere, and does such advocacy ever attempt to explicitly refute or harmonize with strong, apparently countervailing, universalist claims based on 'sanatana-dharma', a broad brahminical aitihya, or other authorities?
> 	Sincere thanks for any help with this,
> Howard Resnick
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>> Dear Patrick,
>> See the close variant found in Varāhamihira's Vivāhapaṭala (from TITUS):
>> Strophe: 72
>> Verse: ab    deśācāras tāvad ādau vicintyo deśe deśe yā sthiti saiva kāryā //
>> Verse: cd    lokadviṣṭāṃ paṇḍitā varjayanti daivajño 'pi lokamārgeṇa yāyāt /
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>> I'd be grateful if someone can identify this verse ascribed to Varāhamihira:
>> deśācāras tāvad ādau vicintyaḥ
>> deśe deśe yā sthitis saiva kāryā |
>> lokavidviṣṭaṃ paṇḍitā varjayanti
>> daivajñā ye lokamārgeṇa yānti ||
>> I did not find it in the Bṛhatsaṃhitā.
>> Thank you.
>> Patrick

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