22nd Summer Sanskrit @ Harvard

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Dear Colleagues,

For those of you who might be interested in Sanskrit studies at the University of Toronto, there are four faculty members and two sessionals who, between us, are regularly offering and will continue to offer first year Sanskrit in the summer term and intermediate courses and advanced Sanskrit readings in the other two terms. In the last semesters these have included readings in kavya, Mimamsa, Nyaya, the Pancaratra Agamas, Vaisnava and Vajrayana stotra literature and the Mahaparinirvanasutra fragments.

With warm regards,
Christoph Emmrich


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Dear Michael,
I am delighted to see that Sanskrit survives at Harvard. Here in Toronto it is all but over. No first year at University of Toronto this year, and not likely next. A single 2nd year was/is offered this academic year with no suit to follow.The chair of my department (a Japanese historian from the US) forbade me to offer Advanced Sanskrit courses (a former student used to teach the 1st and 2nd years) if I couldn't have an enrolment of minimum 25 students. Have you ever seen a Advanced Sanskrit course with that number of students even in India?! We are now entirely a corporate university where only numbers, i.e. fees, count.
So I choose to retire. Effective January 1, this year.
Vive la liberté!
All the best

Professor Stella Sandahl
Department of East Asian Studies
130 St. George St. room 14087
Toronto, ON M5S 3H1
ssandahl at sympatico.ca
stella.sandahl at utoronto.ca

On 2013-01-30, at 6:57 PM, Witzel, Michael wrote:

> As over the past 20 years, Harvard will again offer an Introduction to Sanskrit, equivalent to 2 semesters. Please see the background information for the Harvard Summer School at:  http://dceweb.harvard.edu/
> And search for the Course at:   http://www.summer.harvard.edu/courses/course-search
> Time: June 22 - August 10.
> Please let your students/friends know...
> Best wishes,
> M.W.
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>> my direct line:  617- 496 2990

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