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The last I knew, the curator of MSS at the Madras GOML was Dr S.
Soundarapandian.  You'll need to write to him.

Oriental Manuscripts Library and Research Centre
University of Madras Campus
Chepauk, Madras, Tamil Nadu 600 005

tel: 253-651-30 (you'll have to work out the codes, and this may not be


Best of luck.  It's highly likely that you'll have to go to Madras to get
sight of your MS.


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On 3 April 2013 10:47, <jacob at fabularasa.dk> wrote:

> Dear List,
> I am trying to locate and obtain a scan/copy of a manuscript ostensibly
> held in the Government Oriental Manuscripts Library (Chennai) without
> actually going there. Unfortunately, I have even not been able to find any
> email contact information for the library.
> Any assistance would be highly appreciated.
> Best,
> Jacob
> Jacob Schmidt-Madsen
> Assistant Teacher
> Department of Indology
> University of Copenhagen
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