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Sorry to bug you. But one more question. Just after this citation, Medhātithi refers to a group of non-Vedic sects -- Pāñcarātrika, Nirgrantha, and Pāśupata. But in the middle there is a group referred to as "anārthavāda" OR "ānārthavāda" (the external sandhi makes it impossible to decide). Has any one see a reference to this or know what this group may have been? 

The Poona Dictionary is not very helpful. It gives the reading "anarthavāda" and says "one of the heterodox sects (lit. having senseless deliberations)!!!




I have what appears to be a citation from a Buddhist work by Medhātithi, the great commentator of Manu. On Manu 2.6 (Jha's ed. p. 57) he cites: "paśyāmy ahaṃ bhikṣave divyena cakṣuṣā sugatiṃ durgatiṃ ca."

Jha reads "bhikṣūṇāṃ", but this is probably an error. I have emended it following five manuscript readings given in the Gharpure edition.

Thanks for any leads. Best,


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