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BROCKINGTON John J.L.Brockington at ED.AC.UK
Wed Dec 12 06:50:00 EST 2012

Dear Colleagues,

Having now after some delay received my own copy of it, I am in a position to announce the publication of:

Battle, Bards and Brāhmins (Papers of the 13th World Sanskrit Conference, vol. II), ed. by John Brockington (Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 2012).

At the same time I would like to apologise to all my fellow contributors for the inordinate length of time it has taken for this to be published (the observant among those who study the volume will notice that my introduction is dated May 2007), as well as noting that the title was changed by the publishers without consultation from the version in the PDF sent to them, which was *Battles, Bards, Brāhmans*.


John Brockington

Professor J. L. Brockington
Fellow, Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies
Emeritus Professor of Sanskrit, University of Edinburgh
Vice President, International Association of Sanskrit Studies
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