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Am 04.12.2012 18:25, schrieb Adriano Aprigliano:
> Dear colleagues,
> Does anyone know of a translation of Dharmottara's Pramanaviniscayatika into English (or French or German)?
> best
> Adriano Aprigliano
> Post-doc researcher
> Universidade de São Paulo
> São Paulo
> Brasil
Dharmottara's work is extensive and philologically demanding, and  still 
in parts accessible only in Tibetan translation. There is no full modern 
translation of the PVinṬ.

The database EAST (Epistemology and Argumentation in South Asia and 
Tibet) lists currently only two partial translations, one in German and 
one in Japanese (http://east.uni-hd.de/buddh/ind/18/46/, coverage only 
up to 1994). More partial translations certainly exist, and are being 
produced as we speak, on the basis of recently discovered (partial) 
Sanskrit manuscripts - your luck basically depends on what sections of 
the work you are interested in.

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