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Dear Jonathan,

the Gāndhārī form devasama‐ occurs in line 11 of Seṇavarma’s
reliquary inscription, see here:


In his 1986 edition of this inscription (p. 280), Rich gives some
further references. (Von Hinüber does not comment on this form in
his 2003 edition of Seṇavarma.) For the apparently Eastern sound
change of intervocalic y to v (reflected in Pali āvuso, tāvatiṃsa,
etc.) that may be operative here see von Hinüber, Älteres
Mittelindisch, § 214. This word also occurs contracted to desama-
in the Taxila silver scroll:


and elsewhere, so at least in the Northwestern parts the identity
of the first part of the compound appears to have become unclear
fairly early on, making possible the (presumably) folk etymology
connecting it with deva‐.

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