Devanagari Unicode fonts for the Mac?

Dominik Wujastyk d.wujastyk at UCL.AC.UK
Thu May 14 08:27:43 EDT 2009

How things have moved on!  I routinely read email with Alpine (successor 
to Pine), a character-based email client.  Yet I see all the Nāgarī below 
perfectly well (and romanized Saṃskṛta goes without saying).  What a 
relief after all those years of saMskRta etc.


On Thu, 14 May 2009, James Hartzell wrote:

> Madhav Deshpande had guided me through using the Devanagari QWERTY keyboard
> under the International input option on the Mac (see System Preferences).
> Then selecting the Arial Unicode MS.  This works perfectly well in
> NeoOffice, with all the ligatures required by typing an "f" after the
> relevant letter, then the next letter.  Aspirated letters come from shift,
> plus the letter, initial vowels from alt-letter, etc.  The alt-letter combo
> provides the retroflexes as well.
> ङ from z
> ष from x
> श्र from alt s
> श from shift s
> ण from shift n
> ञ from alt n
> ।  from .
> ऽ from alt '
> for instance
> प्रकृति:
> धन्यवाद: etc.
> not sure whether this will work in your Adobe program.
> भवदीय:
> James Hartzell
> On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 6:40 PM, Paul G. Hackett <ph2046 at>wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> I am attempting to typeset some Unicode Devanagari text in Adobe InDesign
>> (CS3) on the Mac (OS X.5.6) but cannot seem to locate a Unicode font that
>> will function correctly (i.e. form ligatures) in InDesign.  Does anyone know
>> of any such font that will do so (free or otherwise)?
>> Thanks,
>> Paul Hackett
>> Columbia University

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