Translations into Sanskrit

Dan Lusthaus vasubandhu at EARTHLINK.NET
Sat Mar 28 03:43:19 EDT 2009

I remember being told many years ago that Freud had been translated into
Sanskrit, but have never seen such works, nor have any bibliographical
information on them. Is anyone familiar with this?

Also, there were obviously different motives for producing Sanskrit
translations -- e.g., Christian missionaries trying to get out the "good
word," or "back-translating" Chinese or Tibetan works whose Skt originals
are no longer extant -- but some must have been done due to an interest and
curiosity on the part of Sanskrit pandits themselves for accessible versions
of stimulating works (such as, I would imagine, would be the case with works
of de Saussure or Freud). Has anyone attempted an anthropology of Sanskrit
translations, sorting out the different motives?

Dan Lusthaus

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