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Samrāḍ Jagannātha translated Euclid into Sanskrit at the court of 
Jayasiṃha (1688-1743).  Ed by Kamalāśaṅkara Prāṇaśaṅkara Trivedī, Bombay: 
Nirṇasasāgara Press, 1901.  It was the Nasir ad-Din al-Tusi's Arabic tr. 
of Euclid that was translated, not the original Greek.

Michael Dodson has written a good article on Ballantyne's 19th century 
efforts in Benares to present European science of the time in Sanskrit 
treatises.  He and his pandits produced treatises for example on 
chemistry, the moon, and other topics.  See

Lancelot Wilkinson and his pandit Bapu Deva Sastri too worked on 
translating Arabic and European astronomical treatises into Sanskrit.  See 
Minikowski's paper in Michaels' book The Pandit 
( and other papers.

Dr Dominik Wujastyk

On Thu, 19 Mar 2009, Sven Sellmer wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> lately I was asked about early translations into Sanskrit and noticed that 
> this is quite an interesting question I know little about. Is anybody aware 
> of articles or books on this topic? In particular, I would be curious to 
> learn about the earliest translations into Sanskrit of texts originally 
> composed in languages others than Middle Indo-Aryan ones (as only these I 
> would consider translations in the full sense).
> Best wishes,
> Sven Sellmer
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