MithilAyAM tu daghdhAyAm

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In the MBh context, this passage refers to the mentally detached attitude of a "(jiivan-)mukta" of the Grhastha type, taking King Janaka as a model. Liberated (mukta) from involvement and internally unaffected by the destruction of even his capital, he nonetheless refuses to renounce the world, remains active, keeping to his duties with a non-intentional mind.
For details, see
Walter Slaje: Towards a history of the jivanmukti concept: The Mok?adharma in the Mahabharata In: Haranandalahari. Volume in Honour of Professor Minoru Hara on his Seventieth Birthday, ed. by Ryutaro Tsuchida and Albrecht Wezler. Reinbek 2000, pp. 325-348.


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me studia humanitatis impigro labore culturum et provecturum
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