MithilAyAM tu daghdhAyAm

Tieken, H.J.H. H.J.H.Tieken at HUM.LEIDENUNIV.NL
Thu Mar 5 16:28:28 EST 2009

The line is found in Uttarajjhaya 9.14/242, in Prakrit (but withour diacritics):
mihilae dajjhamanie na me dajjhai kimcana.
Here (at home) I do not have access to Gustav Roth's "Dhammapada verses in Uttarajjhaya". Sambodhi 5, 2-3 (1976), pp. 166-9, who refers to the Mahabharata and Dhammapada parallels. If you wish I can mail you the references tomorrow
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Subject: MithilAyAM tu daghdhAyAm

What is the source and context of the saying, MithilAyAM tu daghdAyAm / na me dahyate kimcana?


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