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Dick Plukker d.plukker at INTER.NL.NET
Thu Mar 5 10:42:56 EST 2009

See also

/A Comprehensive English-Hindi Dictionary of Governmental & Educational 
Words & Phrases/, by Prof. Dr. Raghu Vira and Dr. Lokesh Chandra, New 
Delhi 1976.

Its enormous (1572 pages, three columns to a page), heavingly 
Sanskritized, vocabulary is mostly formed, just as described by Allen 
Thrasher, on the basis of Sanskrit roots, pre- and suffixes.

Dick Plukker

franco at RZ.UNI-LEIPZIG.DE schreef:
> I would like to draw your attention to the Sanskrit dictionary in
> It has entries such as computer, computer mouse, log in/out, coffee, 
> chocolade, etc.
> Best wishs
> Eli Franco
>> I would think that since Sanskrit creates abstractions with great 
>> ease, it would be more reasonable to invent words for these (at least 
>> arguably) abstract entities from Sanskrit roots and vocabulary rather 
>> than to borrow the English.   They aren't like Realien like 
>> "coffee."  Anyway, modern languages differ radically in the extent to 
>> which they expand vocabulary by borrowing rather than by translation, 
>> invention from native vocabulary, calqueing, or the like, don't they?
>> Allen Thrasher
>> "I wonder, does Dr. Srinivas Varakhedi and his team also have words for
>> computer, computational, unicode fonts, printer, word strings, parser,
>> recursive, and regular expressions? Personally, if I would have to do 
>> the
>> job, I would have considered these terms loan-words, as most living
>> languages do today. Same with submodern items like coffee and train.
>> Alexandra van der Geer
>> Athens"

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