Book "Deve" of Rgveda selections

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Does anyone know anything about a tiny work entitled "Deve," which according to the NCC consists of RV verses ending in devAH?  LOC has a summer intern who is creating descriptive records for a number of our Sanskrit and Pali manuscripts from various romanized sources (more about this shortly when her project is complete).  LOC has two manuscripts of this work, whose content is indeed as  described in the NCC.  It is very short, only about 30 verses.  It has nothing to say about its application/Sitz im Leben/viniyoga.  Maybe a short way of worshipping all the gods? It seems to be a quite rare work, since NCC only mentions a few mss.  I do not locate any copies in WorldCAt.  A note I made some years ago says that Chaukhamba used to offer a printed version in its catalog.  Any comments gratefully received.


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