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Wed Jul 29 22:13:49 EDT 2009

By chance I recently ran into a scholar who apparently worked on the  
Critical Pali Dictionary!
The scholar's name is Ole Pind (ohpind at post.cybercity.dk ). He was  
very much interested in visiting the Cornell library and had an  
exciting time being able to go near the stacks of books!

Perhaps, an email to Professor Ole Pind might help to access the  
Critical Pali Dictionary online.


On Jul 28, 2009, at 1:24 PM, George Cardona wrote:

> I too could not get the search to work.  GC
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>> Subject: Re: 'adhimukti'
>> Subject: Re: 'adhimukti'
>> Dear McComas,
>> Check out adhimuccati in the CPD.
>> With best wishes,
>> Eli
>> The Critical Pali Dictionary used to be available online
>> (http://pali.hum.ku.dk/cpd/). However, the search facility has not
>> worked for some time (for me at least). Are others on this list  
>> able to
>> use the search facility?
>> Regards
>> Mark
>> Dr Mark Allon
>> University of Sydney

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