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Wed Jul 29 00:11:24 EDT 2009

If I may be permitted to go off on a tangent from Adhimukti, I would like to ask the Indologists' help with the following.
The 9th stanza on the completely inscribed side, dated 697 "saka, of the historically important 'Ligor' inscription from southern Thailand was edited (by Coedès in BEFEO 1918.1, p. 30) and re-edited (by B.Ch. Chhabra in Expansion of Indo-Aryan Culture during Pallava Rule [Delhi 1965], p. 30) as follows:
svarite (24) ' tacchi.syo 'dhimuktir abhuuc ca naamata.h sthavira.hi.s.tikacai(25)tyadvitaya.m caitratritayaantike k.rtavaan
As far as I can tell, this is unmetrical. I would rather edit it as follows:
IX. [aaryaa]
svarite (24) tacchi.syo dhiimuktir abhuuc ca naamatas sthavira.h 
i.s.tikacai(25)tyadvitaya.m caitratritayaantike k.rtavaan ||b. dhiimuktir: 'dhimuktir Coedès Chhabra (unmetrical). The reading dhii is clear and solves the metrical problem.
However, I haven't yet been so lucky as to find any case in the sources accessible to me on paper or online, Buddhist or otherwise, of the name Dhiimukti. Can anybody help me fill this lacuna?
Arlo GriffithsEFEO/Jakarta

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