Octavio Paz

Tue Jul 28 17:45:32 EDT 2009

You must be thinking of the following verse by Dharmakirti:

Valmiki dammed the sea with rocks
put into place by monkies,
and Vyasa filled it the arrows shot by Partha;
yet neither is suspected of hyperbole.
On the other hand, I weigh both word and sense
and yet the public sneers and and scorns my work.
O Reputation, I salute thee.

Best wishe,

Zitat von Allen W Thrasher <athr at LOC.GOV>:

> I can't help with Stella's question, but I am struck by her quote  
> from Bhavabhuti:
> "Armed with their rules and precepts,
> many condemn my verses.
> I don't write for them, but for that soul, twin to mine,
> who will be born tomorrow,
> Time is long and the world wide."
> Didn't one of the Buddhist philosophers feel no one of his time  
> really understood him, and make some comment like this?  Dignaga or  
> Dharmakirti, maybe?
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