McComas Taylor mccomas.taylor at ANU.EDU.AU
Mon Jul 27 23:24:27 EDT 2009

Dear friends

A colleague, Ruth Gamble, has posted me this question:

"The word is adhimukti [mos pa or mos gus in Tibetan].  In one of the 
poems I am looking at it is used in conjunction with spyod pa, or carya 
-- adhimukticarya...  adhi [above, over, on] and mukti is liberation, 
right?  So why does the Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon list the 
meaning for adhimukti as "propensity, confidence"?  And, more 
intriguingly, why do you think most Tibetan translators translate mos 
pa/mos gus as "devotion"?"

A can anyone cast any light on why adhimukti might mean 'propensity, 

Thanks in advance


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