Aditya Behl on the Clay Sanskrit Library

Tue Jul 7 15:16:12 EDT 2009

In response to enquiries about the destiny of CSL printed volumes:

Yes, the books are still very much on sale from NYUP and their 
affiliates (, as will be 
the 9 volumes (including 2 reprints) to appear this summer 

>How terribly unfortunate for Indologists and general readers alike!  These
>volumes are so useful.  I had planned to order one as a course-text for a
>class I'm teaching in the fall, so I hope it's still available.  Will the
>press continue to print and sell the final 56 volumes indefinitely?
>Tracy Coleman
>Colorado College
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>Dear Colleagues,
>The TLS review of the CSL is available on the press page of our CSL
>Aditya Behl's piece (
> does
>actually say that the series is being discontinued because of poor sales,
>although one can see how that inference might have been drawn from his
>adjacent mention of the quarrel between Lakshmi and Sarasvati.
>The series has indeed now been closed down, as of June 30 just gone,
>although we are still sending a last clutch of new titles to press to
>on bookshelves in September (
>The final list will comprise 56 volumes:
>Yours truly,

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