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Yes, but this comes in a Vedic manuscript. Tripathi belonged to Gujarat, as far as I remember. Our manuscript too belonged to that region. Is the sign of Gujarat-origin? In many such cases the Saaradaa ms of the AV has phasca. Is that related? I do not know how far these questions have been dealt with.

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Chandrabhal Tripathi writes about this symbol in his (excellent) 
introduction to his catalogue of Jain MSS in Strasbourg.

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> Dear Colleagues,
> In May 2008 some queries had been made on the letter छ occurring in manuscripts. No conclusion could be drawn. I do not know if the following report will help draw some conclusion.
> The sign छ occurs in a so far unreported manuscript of the Atharvaveda (Vulgate) to indicate a section within a long hymn, or a hymn within a long cluster of hymns (anuvāka). In the published commentary of Sā the sections indicated by छ are understood as hymns and have been serially numbered by the commentator, so also in the the Paippalāda-Samhitā, but not in the existing editions of the Vulgate (confusingly by Roth-Whitney (1856) and not recognised by Whitney-Lanman(HOS VIII, 1905) ).
?? Best for all
> DB
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> Date: Wednesday, 28 May, 2008, 10:17 AM
> Dear friends
> I am seeing, for long,  this 'Cha'' in our own inherited collection of
> dvaita and Nyaya manuscripts from North Karnataka and wondering what it
> means. the answer, corraborated with other elder scholars, seems to be
> simple. it is to indicate the end of section/text/chapter etc. It is a
> common in manuscripts found in our region although it is not so common in
> MSs found in sother regions like Tamilnadu or Kerala.
> In the MS of Vyutpattivada, I am using for my critical edition at present
> given to me by one of my friends from the same region, uses the Cha with
> high freqency that every niranka patra (side of a leaf as it is called by
> us) has nearly two three Chas to indicate the completion of debate on
> particular subject.
> thanks
> veeranaraana
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>> Since nobody seems to have mentionned it,
>> it might be useful to state here that
>> in volume 1 of the
>> "Catalogue of Jain Manuscripts of the British Library"
>> (by Nalini Balbir, Kanhaiyalal V. Sheth,
>> Kalpana K. Sheth and Candrabhal Bh. Tripathi)
>> [The British Library & The Institute of Jainology, London, 2006]
>> {ISBN 0 7123 4711 9}
>> we find on p.16 (Abbreviations) the following mention:
>> "[x]  the way to represent the cha, a symbol found at the end of
>> manuscripts."
>> I hope this is useful
>> -- Jean-Luc Chevillard (CNRS, Paris)
>> Peter M. Scharf a écrit :
>>   Dear Colleagues,
>>>     I would like to request your help in answering a question regarding how
>>> to name or categorize a certain character in the Unicode Standard.  Many
>>> Indic manuscripts use a decorative character that looks like a devanagari
>>> cha without the horizontal bar to fill space between dandas or double dandas
>>> at the end of manuscripts or between chapters of a manuscript.  (flower
>>> shapes are often used similarly.)  Have any of you seen the "cha" pu.spikA
>>> in manuscripts or publications of Buddhist, Jain, or other clearly non-Vedic
>>> (in the broadest sense of the term) textual traditions?  If so, could you
>>> provide a reference and or a digital image?
>>>     Thanks.
>>>     Peter
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