books on Gupta inscriptions, Nepal

Enrica Garzilli garzilli at ASIATICA.ORG
Sat Aug 30 04:34:04 EDT 2008

Thank you Mahes, yesterday I checked that (it's easy to find it in
international online libraries, thank God open and public). I need to know
in which books and journals (with biblio of course) they published
inscriptions or studies on them. Titles are a bit too generic.
Perhaps you know at least your father's publications.

All the best, and thank you again,


ps perhaps, since we know each other, you want to answer to my private
yesterday mail off list?

On Sat, Aug 30, 2008 at 3:47 AM, Mahes Raj Pant <mahesrajpant at>wrote:

> None of these scholars has written an independent book on the Licchavi
> inscriptions. However, there are a lot of publications of theese scholars in
> now defunct journals, namely Purushartha, Sam.skr.ta-sandesha and
> Itihaasa-prakaasha and still running PuurNimaa, all published from
> Kathmandu.
> Mahes Raj Pant> Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 13:42:57 +0200> From:
> garzilli at ASIATICA.ORG> Subject: books on Gupta inscriptions, Nepal> To:
> INDOLOGY at> > Dear Colleagues,> > does anybody know titles
> and biblio of the books on (Gupta) inscriptions by> Baburam Acharya, Yogi
> Nara Hari Nath e Naya Raj Pant? (perhaps Mahes Pant,> though I don't have
> his latest email address)> > Thanks in advance, please answer me on or off
> list,> > Dr. Enrica Garzilli
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