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I am afraid that, being out of station (although, sadly, not at the moment
in the mountains), I have missed this discussion until now. I would like to
study it carefully, but just one remark a propos the following:

On 8/3/08, Gérard Huet <Gerard.Huet at> wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
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Actually, vaarttikas recommend the fair law: first should be come the notion
> worthy of most respect, like in maatapitarau.
> ...

Interestingly, I have survyed this (naturally, references not to hand, but
they will be found in a footnote in my recent paper in JIPh on Good and Evil
in Buddhism), and at least in the limited context of listing of the 5 sins
of immediate retribution, the first two of which are killing one's mother
and/or father, the ordering appears to be entirely free in both Pali and
Skt. It is possible that since the list of 5 appears generally, although not
always, to be in increasing order of seriousness, there was a conflict
between listing the mother first, as noted by Dr Huet, and listing her
second, since killing her is worse than killing a father. I discussed this
issue of relative seriousness in the paper, but not the grammatical issue of
ordering of compounds, other than the brief note.

Thanks to all for the interesting discussion!


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