Kyoto-Harvard transliteration

Ashok Aklujkar ashok.aklujkar at GMAIL.COM
Sun Aug 3 10:01:40 EDT 2008

Dear Michael,

Thanks for the clarification. Enjoyed your wit. Glad to note that honesty
continues to be important at my Alma Mater.

In the spirit of your note and on the growing pattern illustrated by
"Newton-Bhaaskara," "Einstein-Bose" etc. (or their reversals), may I suggest
thaat Behaghel's law should be referred to as "Paa.nini-Behaghel's law"? See
Paa.nini 2.2.34 (alpaactaram). Even your "metrically shorter" is anticipated
in a Vaarttika to this rule (laghv-ak.sara.m puurvam).

Sorry for not following Kyoto-Harvard in the above, although I have very
fond memories of both places.



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