Date of nATyazAstra

Sudalaimuthu Palaniappan Palaniappa at AOL.COM
Sat Sep 8 00:32:30 EDT 2007

Dear Dr. Orelskaya,
Thank you.
I have seen the 200 BC - 200 AD/2nd century BC - 2nd century AD date cited  
in many articles too. In fact, have also seen dates as early as 5th century  
BC! But I would like to know if rigorous work has been done to identify the  
different layers belonging to different dates. In other words, has there been  
any scholarly work in recent years justifying dates earlier than the one  
suggested by Prof. Gerow for any part of nATyazAstra? I would appreciate any  
Thanks in advance.
S. Palaniappan
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m_orelskaya at YAHOO.COM writes:

Dear Dr.  Palaniappan,

the main core of the nATyazAstra is often dated  as
belonging to the period from 200 B.C. to 200 A.D. 
Apparently, the  text continued to be shaped for
centuries after that.
Hope, this  helps.

Marina Orelskaya

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