avagraha in Malayalam Manuscript

Kengo Harimoto kengo.harimoto at UNI-HAMBURG.DE
Sun Sep 2 04:18:15 EDT 2007

Since I seem to be the only person who has seen anything like  
avagraha in Malayalam MSS, the burden of proof is on me.

To clarify, the two Malayalam MSS of the  
Pātañjalayogaśāstravivaraṇa I used most of the time do not have  
avagraha, but there were a few (three times?) occasions where a sign  
that is not like anything else was at a position where avagraha was  
most appropriate.  It was very anomalous.  This is why I remember.

I am on the road; it will be after I come back to Hamburg in late  
September when I will have access to all my material.  I hope then I  
can find and post the scans of those anomalies.

Speaking of Indoskript, I and some other Mac/Linux folks would very  
much appreciate if it becomes an online application.  Is there any  
such plan?

kengo harimoto

On Sep 1, 2007, at 20:23 , Harry Falk wrote:

> Try IndoSkript, looking for avagraha = (straight) single quote.
> Avagraha starts occurring in the late 8th century - with NO result  
> when limiting the query to "Malayalam".
> Harry Falk

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