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At least in American usage, then, it is a College about to become a University.  A college grants bachelor's degrees (B.A., B.S., B.Engineering etc.) and a University grants master's degrees or doctorates, in addition to bachelorates.  An institution of tertiary education would not be called an Academy.  A university usually will grant post-bachelor's degrees in several fields but could grant them only in one.

There are complications in the US with religious schools.  They may be called by other names such as   Seminaries, Schools, Schools of Theology, etc. but their degrees will usually require a previous bachelor's degree. Nowadays not everyone in these is preparing for ordination.  But in any case sticking with College or University would be clearer.


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I see I need to be more specific.

Currently we have BA courses (3 years, youngest student aged 19), and in 
September we start our first MA course. Although it is a private institution 
belonging to our Buddhist church of the same name, essentially it is 
sponsored by the Hungarian government. Core curriculum is in Buddhism (with 
specilizations in Sanskrit and Pali, or Chinese, or Tibetan, or Japanese, or 
comparative religion and philosophy, or Dharma teaching, or Budo).

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>> Friends,
>> Could some of you help me finding a proper English equivalent
>> for the name of the institution where I teach? (Right now we
>> have no native speakers around.) In Hungarian it is "A Tan
>> Kapuja Buddhista Foiskola", literally "The Gate of the
>> Teaching Buddhist College".
>> Stylistic intuitions differ; some suggestions proposed were
>> "Gate of the Dharma", "Dharma Gate", "Gate to Dharma" (and
>> perhaps "Budapest Buddhist University" added).
>> Thank you for your suggestions,
>> Ferenc
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