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Dear colleagues,

I am not sure how it happened, but in recent months, I seem  
involuntarily to have been added to some interesting mailing lists.  
Perhaps the invitation below has not reached all of you, and that's  
why I'm forwarding it.

Arlo Griffiths

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> From: Ram Setu <sanjay.shirodkar at gmail.com>
> Date: May 16, 2007 1:50:46 PM GMT+02:00
> To: arlo.griffiths at let.leidenuniv.nl
> Subject: Rameshwaram Ram Setu Protection Movement.
> Reply-To: Ram Setu <sanjay.shirodkar at gmail.com>
> Jai Sri Ram,
> http://www.newstodaynet.com/2007sud/may07/1205ss1.htm
> This contains information about conference we had in chennai and  
> official announcement of our Padayatra.
> Details of Padayatra.............
> 1. The Padayatra will be flagged off from Netaji Subhash Chandra  
> Bose statue, Marina Beach at 7 am on 20th of May, 2007.
> 2. Col S.S.Rajan and Sanjay Shirodkar will do the Padayatra on the  
> following route:
> a.       Chennai to Cuddalore on the East Coast Road.
> b.      Cuddalore to Chidambaram to Sirkazhi to Mayavaram to   
> Nagapattinam to Mannargudi to Thanjavur.
> c.      Thanjavur to Pudukkottai to Tiruppathur to Melur to Madurai.
> d.      Madurai to Manamadurai to Ramanathapuram to Mandapam to  
> Rameshwaram.
> 3. Col S.S.Rajan and Sanjay Shirodkar would endeavor to cover a  
> distance   of 25 kms per day during their Padayatra from Chennai to  
> Rameshwaram.
> 4. The proposed Padayatra is expected to take a period of 32 to 33  
> days starting from 20 th of May, 2007.
> 5. The detailed and graphic CDs prepared by Dr.S.Kalyanaraman on  
> the Epic Story of the construction of the Rama Sethu Bridge and the  
> Technical, Civil Engineering and other physical aspects of the  
> Sethu Samudram Canal Project (SSCP) would be shown to the public by  
> Col S.S.Rajan and Sanjay Shirodkar, at various villages, towns and  
> cities where they would be halting or camping, during the course of  
> the scheduled Padayatra.
> http://www.newstodaynet.com/2007sud/apr07/230407.htm
> It contains information abour me and Col. Rajan.
> ==============================================
> We request all around the world to write letters of protests to the  
> following people by email:
> 1. Prime Ministers Office
> Postal Address:
> South Block, Raisina Hill,
> New Delhi, India-110 011.
> Telephone: 91-11-23012312.
> Fax: 91-11-23019545 / 91-11-23016857.
> http://pmindia.nic.in/write.htm
> 2. President of India
> Postal Address:
> Rashtrapati Bhavan,
> New Delhi - 110 004
> EPABX : 23015321,
> Fax : 011-23017290 & 011-23017824
> Email: presidentofindia at rb.nic.in
> 1. Leader of the Congress Party, Sonia Gandhi:  
> soniagandhi at sansad.nic.in
> 2. Past Leader of the Opposition in India, L K Advani:  
> advanilk at sansad.nic.in
> 3. Minister for Shipping, Government of India, T R Baalu:  
> mef at menf.delhi.nic.in
> 4. Secretary of the Tamil Nadu Assembly: assemblysecretary at tn.gov.in
> 5. Indian High Commission in UK: min.coord at hcilondon.net
> Sample letter or email to express your Protest..........
> Rama Sethu bridge of the Ramayana times should be classified as  
> ancient monument and archaeological site. It has immense  
> traditional and historical value. The bridge has been revered by  
> Hindus since times immemorial. The age-old belief was recently  
> validated as true by graphic satellite images.
> It should be noted that Taj corridor scheme on the banks of river  
> Yamuna, was barred by the Supreme Court on the ground that it would  
> threaten the historic Taj Mahal; and the Delhi Metro Rail route was  
> changed when the older scheme was considered dangerous to the  
> historic Qutub Minar.
> Dredging work at the SethuBridge, being part of Ramayana and deeply  
> embedded in the Hindu psyche, hurts intense religious beliefs and  
> sentiments and causing distress and deep resentment amongst a  
> billion Hindus worldwide. If not stopped, there may be a comment in  
> every Ramayana Katha for generations, that there was a Congress  
> regime that destroyed the Ram Sethu Bridge.
> Hence we request your urgent attention, and cancellation of the  
> Sethusamudram Project (SSCP).
> =============================================
> http://www.boloji.com/opinion/0311.htm
>  SSCP - A Monument of Fraud and Infamy
> http://www.ramsethu.org/
> This contains the International campaign details.
> =============================================
> Appeal for Help :
> We only can save our Heritage, as these UPA Government in New Delhi  
> is hell bent on destroying the ancient Rama Sethu Bridge in  
> Rameshwaram as a contrived part of Sethu Samudram Canal Project  
> (SSCP).  Hope you agree with me. I'm undertaking Padyatra from  
> Chennai to Rameshwaran from 20th May' 2007. We are carrying 10-15  
> karyakartas to speak to people and make them understand the  
> subject, we are also carrying flags, banners, T-shirts, hand bands,  
> computerised model on would be disaster, film clippings, songs,  
> pamplets, pledge for signature campaign. We are planning to collect  
> 5,00,000 signatures during padayatra. We have filed petition &  
> cases also. Everything needs money and we are not good on that. So  
> my request is, please go thru following links and discuss with  
> friends & relatives. And if you are convinced then only you can  
> help me. Yes, I am asking for help.  HOW CAN YOU HELP ME ?
> Feel free to call me on 0 9880656011(Bangalore) till 18th May 2007.  
> During padayatra another no will be published for Tamil Nadu.
> Jaihind ........ Sanjay.

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