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Maybe T. Ganapati Sastri proposes some dating for 
the Prapañcah.rdaya in his edition (TSS no. 45). 
I once noted that Winternitz in his Catalogue of 
South Indian Sanskrit Manuscripts in the RAS 
(Wish no. 107) describes it as «an admirable 
cyclopaedia of modern works of science».
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>Dear Arlo, I have here a work published by the 
>Ram Lal Kapoor Trust, Balagarh, Sonipat, 
>Haryana, in 1979, edited with a Hindi 
>translation by Vijay Pal: VenkaTa-MAdhavIyA 
>RgvedAnukramaNI.  The verse alluded to is 8.13: 
>aitareyakam asmAkaM paippalAdam atharvaNAm | 
>tRtIyaM tittiriproktaM jAnan vRddha ihocyate || 
>I do not have the PrapancahRdayam.  Regards, 
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>>Subject: .Rgvedabhaa.syaanukrama.nii?
>>On p. 24 of D.M. Bhattacharyya's posthumously published Kaushik 
>>Lectures (The Fundamental Themes of the Atharvaveda, Poona 1968), I 
>>"In his .Rgvedabhaa.syaanukrama.nii (8.1) Ve:nka.ta Maadhava speaks 
>>of a Paippalaada Sa.mhitaa of 20 Kaa.n.das and a Braahma.na work: 
>>aitareyam asmaakam paippalaadakam atharva.naam. The Prapa;ncah.rdaya 
>>states that the Braahma.na was in eight chapters: tadbraahma.nam 
>>I cannot find a text called .Rgvedabhaa.syaanukrama.nii, but fear I 
>>am making a stupid mistake. Can anybody enlighten me, and provide me 
>>with a reference to an edition? Does anybody have any idea about the 
>>chronological relationship (and any other possible relationship) 
>>between Ve:nka.ta Maadhava and the Prapa;ncah.rdaya? Could either 
>>have copied information from the other?
>>Many thanks in advance for any help this regard.
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