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Subject: Workshop on 'Manuskriptology' at Copenhagen University

Dear colleagues,

below you find our call for papers for a workshop on 'manuscriptology'. 
Please feel free to circulate it in other lists that I might not have 
access to and among your colleagues.

Best wishes,

Jan-Ulrich Sobisch
Copenhagen University

Call for Papers

Workshop in 'Manuscriptology',
Copenhagen University, 8.-11. October 2007

Material, philological and cultural
approaches to manuscripts

Although the study of handwritten documents has a
long history behind it in many parts of the world,
no unified discipline of "manuscriptology" has yet
evolved capable of comprising Chinese, Tibetan,
Indian, African, Mezzo-American, Arabic and other
manuscripts as well as those of the Græco-Roman
tradition. This workshop, therefore, aims to bring
together leading researchers concerned with topics
pertaining to the material, philological and cultural/
sociological aspects of their respective manuscript
traditions in order to initiate an exchange of ideas
and approaches across continents and disciplines.
In this way we hope to initiate the necessary and
much desired process of interdisciplinary co-operation
which can lead to the establishment of a truly
international academic discipline of manuscriptology.

Keynote speakers
Prof. Richard Salomon, University of Seattle, Washington
manuscript philology)
Prof. Michael Friedrich, Hamburg University, Germany
material aspects)
N.N. (cultural aspects)

Please send us your abstract (ca. 500 words) and CV
by May 31st, 2007.

Each speaker will be allotted 75 minutes, including
30 minutes for discussion (45+30).
Please include in your presentation:
- an introduction to the problems of your particular
field of manuscript research (an account of the state
of the art, research to date and working methods) and
- a discussion of a particular problem, preferably
using an example of a particular manuscript for

We can offer a number of bursaries for speakers,
covering the expenses for food and accommodation.
If you need additional funding for travelling,
please contact us and send an abstract and CV
as above), a description of your present manuscript
research project (max. 2 pages), and a list of

Our website is:

Contact: Jan-Ulrich Sobisch, sobisch at

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