Aryashura's Jatakamala

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Reiko Ohnuma "Head, eyes, flesh, and blood. Giving away the body in  
Indian Buddhist Literature" deals with various stories from Aryasura.  
She provides a rich bibliography of studies in the genre of Buddhist  
Avadana/Jataka literature.

Aryasuras Jatakamala, Jatakas 1-25, have been critically edited  
recently by Albrecht Hanisch (Vol. 43 of the Indica et Tibetica  
series), see

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Zitat von Justin Meiland <jmeiland at YAHOO.COM>:

> Dear Colleagues,
> I am trying to collect together secondary literature on Aryashura's
> Jatakamala.
> Does anyone have any recommendations?
> While I do have an interest in Jatakamalas by other authors and in the
> concept of Jatakamala as a genre (e.g. the work of Michael Hahn on
> Haribhatta and Gopadatta), I am particularly seeking out studies on
> Aryashura. (Works such as Khoroche's notes towards a critical edition
> and Schlingloff's discussion of Ajanta and the Jatakamala are already
> familiar to me.)
> Yours,
> Justin Meiland

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