"vyasa smrti" verse?

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> sa.mpraapte tu kalau kaale vindhyaadrer uttare sthitaa.h
> braahma.naa yaj~narahitaa jyoti.h"saastraparaa"nmukhaa.h
> vindhyasya dak.si.ne bhaage yatra godaavarii nadii
> tatra vedaa"s ca yaj~na"s ca bhavi.syanti kalau yuge
> This verse about the southern location of the best 
>traditions during the Kali yuga is cited by Altekar, 
>History of Benares from Pre-historic Times to the Present 
>Day, 1937, p.38, as being from "smritis like the Vyasa". 
> Does anyone have a more precise reference for this 
>verse, or anything close to it?

Siddheshwar Varma cites these lines as two verses from two 
different sources. He says: "That South India became par 
excellence the home of Vedic studies during the medieval 
period has been noted by Indian tradition. Thus Ramakrsna 
quotes a passage from Vyasa and another from a 'Dharma 
Sastra' to the effect that 'during the Kali age, the 
Brahmans north of the Vindhya will be devoid of Yajnas and 
averse from astrology. The Vedas and Yajnas will be 
current in the region south of the Vindhya where the 
Godavari flows.'" (Varma, Siddheshwar: Critical Studies in 
the phonetic observations of Indian grammarians. [Repr.] 
Delhi: Munshi Ram Manohar Lal, 1961, p. 37 seq. [1st 
publ.: London 1929]). Note 8 on p. 37 gives as source 
Ramakrsna's introduction to Paraskara Grhya Sutra, p. 58 
[no particulars about this edition]. The first part 
beginning with "sa.mpraapte tu kalau..." comes from Vyasa, 
the source of the second part "vindhyasya dak.si.ne..." is 
simply given as "dharma-"saastre".

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