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Dear JN,

There is a mahatmya for the Bhima river. It is, as far as I know,
unpublished, but I have published the chapter on Pandharpur in Acta
Orientalia, Vol. 53, 1992, 86-105.


Erik Reenberg Sand
History of Religions Section
Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies
University of Copenhagen.

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Emne: river mahatmyas

dear colleagues,

i am collecting information on river mahatmyas. i am especially interested  
to know for which rivers mahatmyas exist.
I know that mahatmyas exist for the Narmada river.
Anne Feldhaus (in her work "Water and Womanhood", 1995) has reported a  
number of mahatmyas for rivers in Maharashtra, i.e. the Godavari, Bhima,  
Payosni (Purna), Tapi, Krsna. Now, all these texts seem to cover a rather  
limited geographical area. My question is: Are there any such texts  
composed for more distantly located rivers?
Any suggestion is highly appreciated.

thanks and best regards


Jürgen Neuß, M.A.

Free University Berlin
Institute for Languages and Cultures of South Asia
Koenigin-Luise-Str. 34a
D-14195 Berlin

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