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Dear Colleague:

I am the current chair of the Conference on the Study of Religions of 
India. I was wondering if you would be willing to post the message copied 
below at Indology listserv. Thanks a lot.

Selva J Raj 
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Dear Colleagues:

Greetings! Copied below is the Call for Papers for the Annual Meeting 
(2007) of the Conference on the Study of Religions of India (CSRI).

Please note an important change. For several years, the CSRI has held its 
annual meetings during the summer. However, this year we have moved the 
annual meeting to September in an effort to encourage greater 
participation. I hope many of you can attend this year's meeting. Feel 
free to pass the CFP along to colleagues and students and encourage them 
to participate in the annual meeting.

I am also pleased to say that an edited volume titled Miracle as Modern 
Conundrum in South Asian Religious Traditions originating from the 2005 
Annual Meeting of the CSRI is currently under production at SUNY Press.

My apologies for cross-posting. Best wishes.

Selva Albion College 
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"Religion and the Body"

The Conference on the Study of Religions of India (CSRI) invites
proposals for its annual meeting at Albion College, Albion, MI from
September 13 to September 16, 2007. The conference theme is "Religion
and the Body in Indian Religions." Papers exploring the theme of
religion and the body from diverse methodological perspectives and
approaches (textual, ethnographic, etc.) are welcome. Examples of
possible topics and sub-themes include the study of: (1) religious
movement including- but not limited to-bodily movement, dance,
pilgrimage etc. (2) devotional bodies/bodily devotions, (3) ritual and
symbolic constructions of the body, (4) mythical constructions of the
body, (5) the body and sacrifice, and other related themes.  Paper
proposals of no more than 250 words should be submitted to conference
chairman Selva J. Raj (sraj at albion.edu) no later than May 1, 2007.  For
additional information, see the Conference website:

The Conference on the Study of Religions of India (CSRI) is a forum of
exchange for scholars engaged in the academic study of the religious
traditions of India in both native and diasporic contexts. It provides
scholars a leisurely, collegial environment in which to present their
work. Emphasis will be placed on informality among peers. Committed to
critical and creative inquiry, the conference is not an advocacy forum
for the religions of India and does not endorse or proscribe a
particular point of view. Only scholars with terminal degrees in
religious studies or related academic disciplines (like Anthropology,
Art, Ethnomusicology, History, Philosophy, Theology, Women Studies)
researching and/or teaching in the area of religions of India are
eligible to present, attend, and participate in the conference. Graduate
students in advanced standing in any of these disciplines are also
welcome to participate in the conference.

Selva J. Raj
Chair & Stanley S. Kresge Professor of Religious Studies
Albion College
Albion, MI 49224
(sraj at albion.edu)
Tel: 517-629-0400
Fax: 517-629-0286

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