Conference Announcement: Jainism and Modernity, 21-22 March, SOAS

Peter pf at CIX.CO.UK
Sat Mar 3 13:01:00 EST 2007


Wednesday 21.3.2007, 18.00-19.30, Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre 
School of Oriental and African Studies, Russell Square

The Annual Jain Lecture
(followed by a reception) 

Lawrence A. Babb (Amherst College)

Jainism and the Culture of Trade

Thursday 22.3.2007, SOAS, Russell Square, Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre

9.05	Olle Qvarnström (University of Lund)
             The Dancing Indra: Jain Cave Paintings from Ellora 

9.40	Julia Hegewald &	Sabine Scholz (University of Heidelberg)
             Mahamastakabhiseka 2006: Pilgrims, Preparations & Procedures
10.15 	Peter Flügel (SOAS)
             Jain Modernism
11.20	Anupam Jain (Holkar Science College, Indore)                     
             Contributions of Ancient Jaina Scholars to Modern Mathematics
11.55 	Prabha Jain (Jabalpur)	
             The Language of Sets in Jaina Wisdom
12.30   	Kim Plofker (Brown University) 
             Links between Sanskrit and Muslim science in Jaina astronomical works
14.05 	Jonardon Ganieri (University of Liverpool)	
             Worlds in Conflict: The Jains in Early Modern India	
14.40 	Jayendra Soni (University of Marburg)
             Jaina Philosophy and Modernity
15.15	Sin Fujinaga (Miyakonojo, Miyazaki)		
             Jaina Studies in Japan	
16.20	Manisha Sethi  
             The Proof of Custom: Negotiating Jain Widow's Inheritance Rights 
16.55   	Signe Kirde (University of Bonn)		
             The Meaning of Possessiveness (parigraha) in Digambara Literature
             and the Search for a Strange Manuscript of Samantabhadra
17.30	Maria Schetelich (University of Leipzig)               
             Sources for the History of Jain Studies at Leipzig University – The
             Archive of Johannes Hertel
All Welcome!

Contact: Centre of Jaina Studies, Department for the Study of Religions, Faculty of Arts and 
Humanities, SOAS, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H OXG, 7898 4028, 
js64 at

The conference was organised by the Initiative for the European Network for Jaina Studies: 
Dr Peter Flügel, Centre of Jaina Studies SOAS, Prof Olle Qvarnström, Centre of Theology and 
Religious Studies University of Lund, and Dr Julia Hegewald, South Asia Institute University 
of Heidelberg.

Sponsorship was received by the Swedish Research Council (SRC), the Emmy Noether 
Programme of the Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft (DFG), and the School of Oriental and 
African Studies (SOAS).

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