Unusual ways of rearing one's young

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Dear Srivara,
I am quoting here a reference which may be useful to you:
My Sanskrit Mahakavya "Ramapratapacaritam" vol II  p.1028
Bhakter lakSaNamasti kim Duliriva svANdam yathA bAlukA  samstham palvala-samsthitAni kurute yA posaNam duratah/
tadvad dhyAnamapIha nAstri vimalA bhaktir yato jAlake
sprSTam saikata samsthite vigalitam tad dhyAna-bhangeNdakam/
Rasik Vihari Joshi

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Yes. In BhAgavata-purANam as I remember, it is said that tortoise will rear their young by simply thinkig about them. The verse reads as "apatyamiva kUrmANAm.....". I will locate the exact verse and let you know in one or two days.

with regards,

Martin Gansten <Martin.Gansten at TEOL.LU.SE> wrote:
Does anyone know where and when the view was first expressed (in India)
that certain species rear their young simply by looking at or thinking
about them? And are there different versions of this idea? All suggestions
for sources are welcome.

Thanks in advance,
Martin Gansten

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