Ulrich T. Kragh utkragh at HUM.KU.DK
Wed Feb 2 14:26:50 EST 2005

I would like some references in Sanskrit sources and/or secondary literature
on "the hood-jewel" (paNamaNi/phaNamaNi), i.e., the concept that there is a
jewel either on or inside the hood of the cobra. I imagine that this refers
figuratively to the characteristic drawings and dots found naturally on the
cobra-hood, but is there some more mythology associated with this concept,
and if so, where?

I have a dedication-verse by the Buddhist Madhyamaka-commentator
CandrakIrti, wherein merit (puNya) is compared to lit. "the hood-jewel on
the mind-snake" (verse extant only in Tibetan: "sems kyi sbrul la gdengs
ka'i nor bu", perhaps *cittAgapaNamaNi). A later Indian commentary by
JayAnanda attests a reading-variant as "the jewel of the day (i.e., the sun)
in the night of the mind" (also only in Tibetan: "bsam pa'i mtshan la nyin
gyi nor bu", perhaps *cittAktAdinamaNi).

With best regards,
Ulrich Timme Kragh
Post-Doctoral Associate, Harvard University

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