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on 19/2/04 4:51 pm, Maheswaran Nair wrote:

> Hello,
> Please tell me the exact place of occurrence of the following lines of
> Ramayana(?)
> Api svarnamayii lankaa na me lakshmana rocate
> jananii janmabhuumisca svargaadapi gariiyasii.
> Thanks in advance.
> K.Maheswaran Nair Ph.D.
> Professor of Sanskrit & Director
> Centre for Vedanta Studies
> University of Kerala
> Trivandrum, India

See the posting by Jan Houben to this list on 7th June 2003 in response to a
query by Pradip Bhattacharya.  This verse does not occur in the Valmiki
Ramayana and no-one has yet suggested where else it may be found.

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