some questions

Madhav Deshpande mmdesh at UMICH.EDU
Sun Feb 8 19:54:42 EST 2004

A friend of mine send these questions to me.  If you have any
suggestions, let me know.  I don't know the answers.

Madhav Deshpande


1. This is trick sloka I heard (from one of my grandparents) when
I was a child:

Ê kumaarasambhavaM Srutvaa raghuvamSe manohare
Ê raakshasaanaam kulSreshTo ramo rajeevalocana:

What is the trick here? All I vaguely remember is that it has to
do with breaking the first word as kum+aara+sambhavam.

2. In Narayaneeyam:42:11 the word "lambhitamangalaaSisha:"
seems to
trouble most commentators. However, I am unable to follow their
analysis. What is the trouble here?

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