MaanavaGS mantra in Kaa.thakaGS?

Michael Witzel witzel at FAS.HARVARD.EDU
Fri Mar 29 16:49:53 EST 2002

Today I had some time to investigate Arlo's question on ManGS/KathGS.

Trouble is, no good answer:

* Knauer had a copy of Barth's long transcriptions of 3 Kashmiri MSS of KGS
(brought by Buehler to Pona) and of one in Tuebingen (from MA Stein, in
Kashmir) of Kathaka Rcakas:
mostly Kath GS with Devapala and other comm., now edited by Caland as KGS
and in KSTS as Laugaksi GS with Devapala only.

These transcriptions were given to Caland after Barth's death , some 100
years ago. And they still (?) are in the Utrecht Univ. Libary, Caland Coll.
no. 9 (see Caland, Kl. Schriften p. XXX).
I have a copy of the Vedavrata section only but not of the parts
corresponding to MGS 2.15.

So, the best way to investigate is the following:

* find  the section in KGS/LGS which corresponds to MGS 2.15  (I spent a
few minutes on this today, but  no luck, as this belongs to the amorphous
prayascitta section).

* then go to Utrecht (or Poona) and check out Barth's Latin transcriptions.

However, the Rcaka commentaries/paddhatis include a lot of stuff that never
was part of KGS/LGS or its three commentaries,  but in its unedited form
Barth/Knauer could quote it as "KathGS". Such details are mpossible to
check from here as the section in question does not seem to occur in
KGS/comm.s, at least not at first sight.

The long way is to go through all of Caland's KGS/ KSTS's LGS plus all
printed commentaries....But even LGS & Devapala do not have  not all that
is found in the Rcakas on a particular topic....
Not worth the while in the framework of the initial question.


>In his crit. app. to the mantras given in his ed. of the MaanGS, p. 58, and
>again in his mantra-index, i.a. p. 153, Knauer suggests that the mantras in
>question (bodha;s ca maa pratibodha;s ca ...) are found also in the
>Kaa.thakag.rhyasuutra, besides their parallel in KS 37.10 and AV;S 8.1.13.
>    However, the mantras are not found in the mantra-index to Caland's
>Kaa.thGS ed., nor can I find a reference to a Kaa.thGS attestation anywhere
>else (e.g. Dresden's transl. of the MaanGS place does mention KS and PaarGS
>parallels, but none for Kaa.thGS). What place did Knauer have in mind?

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