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I think that the recent researches of Jean Kellens (Collège de France) on
the subject are important:
"Considérations sur l'histoire de l'Avesta", Journal asiatique 286, 1998,
p. 451-519.
(cf. the short English summary of the first part of that long study: "The
written period of transmission of the Avesta", Journal of the Research and
Historical Preservation Committe 2, Womelsdorf, 1996, p. 121-125).
See also:
Eric Pirart, "Le Mihr YaZt est-il le Mihr YaZt?", Studia Asiatica 1/1-2,
Bucarest, 2000, p. 77-113.

>Could anyone provide me with a bibliography of the process by which the
>text of the Avesta was generated, transmitted, fixed, and the transition
>to its being written down?  I am interested in possible parallels and
>divergences with these process in the case of the Vedas.
>I posted this on the largely quiescent Indo-Iranian group and got no
>response except for someone who expressed a similar interest.
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