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>Could someone more adept at calendars and conversion programs be able
>to help me with a date? Samvat 1560 [= 1503 CE], month Caitra,
>fullmoon day [naksatra given but the name is torn in the ms], and it
>is a zanivaara [Saturday]. What day and month of the year would this
>be? Thanks.

Martin> As far as I can see, there was no full moon in Caitra corresponding to
Martin> Saturday in 1503 CE. My guess -- assuming that your author calculated his
Martin> tithis with reasonable accuracy -- is that you want 30 March, 1504 CE
Martin> (Julian calendar), which was a Saturday. The nakshatra would then be Citra
Martin> for most of the day.

I tried, with my pancanga program, the year before (AD 1502) thinking of
the possiblity of the year number as current instead of expired or it is
Karttikaadi instead of Caitraadi, but the weekday did not fit.
I do not understand how Virakma 1560 corresponds to AD 1504.
I wonder whether it is really Vikrama Samvat.

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