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Mahes Raj Pant mahesrajpant at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Mar 15 08:10:57 EST 2002

In response to Jeffrey lidke's mail to INDOLOGY, dated 7 March, I would like
to tell something about a research programme sponsored by the Centre
national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS). This is a multi-disciplinary
project and mainly focuses on the Dullu-Dailekh area. Marie Lecomte-Tilouine
is working on historical ethography, Joelle Smadja on geography and myself
on the souce materials for the history of Western Nepal, to name a few
independent projects under UPR 299, a reseach unit within the CNRS.
One can find many publications on the Western Nepal, most of them written in
Nepali. Not long ago a fat book on history of the state of Accham , written
in Nepali by Rajaram Subedi, was released. But it should be noted that the
standard of such publications differs considerably,the quality depending
upon individual ability.
I would like to inform that now I am working on a  bibliographical essay
entitled 'Reseach on the History of Western Nepal'. I hope I shall be able
to publish it in the early months of next year.

Mahes Raj Pant

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