MaanavaGS mantra in Kaa.thakaGS?

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At the time (c.1880?) Knauer (in Kiew, I think) could not have known what
was in the KGS (LGS) as only Barth (in Paris) had made some copies of the
Kashmir MSS brought by Buehler fro Kashmir in 1875 & kept at Poona since

However, he might have referred to Haug's older paper (c. 1870, Bavarian
Academy) about the relations between Katha and *VisnuSm*/Manava texts.
Must check details in my office.



>Dear Indologists,
>In his crit. app. to the mantras given in his ed. of the MaanGS, p. 58, and
>again in his mantra-index, i.a. p. 153, Knauer suggests that the mantras in
>question (bodha;s ca maa pratibodha;s ca ...) are found also in the
>Kaa.thakag.rhyasuutra, besides their parallel in KS 37.10 and AV;S 8.1.13.
>    However, the mantras are not found in the mantra-index to Caland's
>Kaa.thGS ed., nor can I find a reference to a Kaa.thGS attestation anywhere
>else (e.g. Dresden's transl. of the MaanGS place does mention KS and PaarGS
>parallels, but none for Kaa.thGS). What place did Knauer have in mind?
>Can anyone who is more familiar than I am with the labyrinth of Ka.tha texts
>lend me a hand?
>-- Arlo Griffiths
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