Kh instead of S in Yajur Veda

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Thu Mar 7 05:54:47 EST 2002


The rules for peculiar pronunciation of particular var.nas (y, r(esp.
repha), l, v, .r, .l and .s) in the Maadhyandina branch of Yajurveda can be
found in the Pratij~naapari"si.s.ta also known as Pratij~naasuutra ascribed
to Katyayana. There are some conditions, of following or preceding,
to have such a change in original pronunciation.
But I wonder, there is no rule of pronouncing j~n as dny which also is in
current practice.

In the case of .s, the rule is: atho .asa.myuktasya .tum
.rte sa.myuktasya ca khakaaroccaara.nam. 2.7

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Diwakar Acharya
Mahendra Sanskrit University

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