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Wed Jan 31 01:12:28 EST 2001

>From: Rohit Chopra <cosmicomic at HOTMAIL.COM>
>denouncing the Nehruvian vision as 'western' or 'elitist'.

'western' and 'technology' are not the problems. But 'elitist' is. Elitism
is a belief that  managers are born. I have seen this elitism ingrained in
Indian public sector. Management is taught in schools because it was proven
that managers can be made.

Ofcourse brahminism can also be accused as elitist, but the accusation is
true only for a brahmin who does not know his books. Elite or not, a brahmin
is expected to be detached first, then he excercises the authority. Those
who accuse Nehru to elitism expected a little more detachment from him and
his followers. It could have worked wonders and avoided the rise of
Hindutva. Isn't the same lack of detachment also seen in the current leaders
who claim Nehru's heritage? Attachment is a silent demoralizer. It drains
confidence of people in themselves.

>Why not other languages

This question is similar to "Why Ram mandir? Why not kriSNa janmasthan?".
Work on the most unacceptable one, the rest will get accepted with no

I believe Sanskrit is important because a lot of literature is in that


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