Cakra-varti Rajah

iplel lel at LEL.MSK.RU
Sun Jan 28 18:10:59 EST 2001

Dear Mr. Joshi
Your attempt to interpret the word cakra (circle, a wheel) as four is very
artificial and wrong. This political concept firstly, then the title
cakravartin and sanskrit term cakra are well known in ancient (see, for
example the concordance Vaidikapada), first of all, Buddhist literature. Its
meaning is evident and can be interpreted as the 'whole world' in political
concept and title. Its meaning in Arthashastra evident, too - see I.7.9,
VI.2.39-40 where cakra is identified with other important political term,
maNDala (circle, too), and especially IX.I.17-18 (cakravarti-kZetra). And in
early epigraphy, as I know, this titul is not mentioned.

Best wishes.
D.Lielukhine, Moscow

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