David Salmon dsalmon at SALMON.ORG
Tue Apr 17 18:09:48 EDT 2001

May it please the Court:

In considering the academic functions of this forum, please consider the
pedagogic function.  This vast seminar teaches more than Indic linguistics.
It is also teaching how controversial ideas are addressed in a free society.

But this is not a public forum, a place for political free-for-alls.  It is
intended primarily to serve the needs of the professional Indology

Might it be possible to have -two- separate but equal lists, governed
jointly?  The first would be reserved for strictly academic subjects; the
second would be open to the overflow.  A committee of academics and lurkers
could assist our Founder in enforcing courteous speech -in both lists-  and
in directing messages to the correct list.

Members of one would automatically be members of both, but speaking
privileges in the academic forum could be limited to academics.  The number
of messages can be limited in the academic forum if the academics see the
need, but, frankly, Naga Ganesan's many postings are academically
worthwhile, imho.   No one should be thrown off without a private warning
and opportunity to reply privately, with appeal to the committee.
Punishments should be graduated, rather than all-or-nothing.

Respectfully submitted,


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