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Ferenc Ruzsa [SMTP:f_ruzsa at LUDENS.ELTE.HU] skrev 17. april 2001 01:05:
> Thank you, Dominik, for all your troubles; time and again I was admiring
> patience.
> I agree that a radical step was unavoidable.
> But why not a thorough reform instead? E. g. a closed list for serious
> scholars, but open for everyone to read? Please, reconsider.

I second Ferenc Ruzsa's proposal! (As well as all the thanks to Dominik).

Some years ago, I shared Dominik's views on availability. The development
of Indology has shown that without a moderator, any open list can become
the prey of political marauders and other non-desireables. Since a
moderator is out of the question, Ferenc's proposal seems to be the best
choice: A list where professionals with "write" privilege discuss, whereas
others with an interest in the subject can listen in. With such an
arrangement, non-professionals who want to ask serious questions can turn
directly to the experts on the list and get an answer in private, whereas
the readers of the list don't have to waste their time on bizarre and
uprofessional discussions. The motives for propagandistic assaults will
then disappear, and Indology might then return to being what it was
originally: an important scholarly resource.

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