Closing of INDOLOGY list

Harry Spier harryspier at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Apr 15 18:25:37 EDT 2001

Dear list members,

Dominik in his posting about closing the list talks about how the list gave
access to the worlds best scholars in Indology.  Perhaps that is the most
remarkable achievement of the list in making Indological Scholarship known
and available to a wider public. That was certainly my experience when by
accident I came across the list on the internet several years ago.  I have
often been touched by the time and care that the ziSTas on the list give in
sharing their knowledge.   Perhaps that is whats most offensive in the
mudslinging, i.e. those against whom the mud is slung. No Professor or
researcher or Phd student ever got tenure, recognition or a single penny by
responding to an internet query, yet that is what they do again and again
with knowledge and care and skill.  There is a sanskrit word for this - seva
- service given without any self-serving motive .  My heartfelt thanks to
Drs. Wujastyk, Deshpande, Vassilkov, Lopez, Witzel, Rao, Brockington, Smith,
  Kochhar, Lehmann, Novetz, Knobl, Baumann, Torella, Dyczkowski,
Mayer-Koneg, Zydenbos and Thompson (and many many more) for generously
sharing their knowledge.

I for one think it will be a great loss if the list closes down and I hope
that does not occur.

Harry Spier
371 Brickman Rd.
Hurleyville, New York
USA 12747

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