Idiom and Grammar (and chariots again!)

Bhadraiah Mallampalli vaidix at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Apr 9 10:24:09 EDT 2001

>S. Bhatta wrote..
>The universality of language, is it that which qualifies to leave your
> >area to wander into another?

We need to support all inter-disciplinary approaches. Just in case Sanskrit
is not the mother of all subjects, scholarly input from other subjects is
indispensable. For instance who can formulate a theory about war without
ever acknowledging Adam Smith and his work re: the "invisible hand" and rise
and fall of civilizations?

Human civilizations or any other colonies of life live on a very simple
principle : it is called Anando brahma or what Adam Smith explained "self
interest". Then why do wars happen? That is because capital always
concentrates as people invest only in avenues that are most profitable, just
as consciousness and happiness always concentrate as indra. This results in
deprivation of capital for other avenues, leading to conflicts and wars;
just as agni takes the brunt of pain and suffering and fights back (having
been a victim of gods). "Ideally speaking" the whole subject of veda can be
rediscovered using this one principle of Anando brahma because it is all
about collective bargaining of gods for soma.

To suggest that someone fought with one hand, selectively passing
manuscripts like vedas with the other (but holding back other stories like
Genesis etc) and sharing sperm between the blows, doesn't seem to go well
Adam Smith.. any ideas?

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